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Reprints of Robert Muma's
Moss Paintings and Sketches

There are many of Robert Muma's moss paintings and finished sketches reproduced on this website. All of these are available as reprints. Please note: these are not limited edition art prints, but are scanned images printed using a color inkjet printer.

The reprints will be printed to order on Photo Paper, in color, at a size of 8 x 11", using a Canon iP3600 color inkjet printer.
Either Glossy or Matte finish paper is available.

Please note: if you are ordering more than one print, the original paintings are of differing sizes. Therefore, although the prints will all be on the same size paper, the size of the actual painting on the paper will differ from one to another.



Reprints, each:

  • Orders from Canada:  $20 CDN each
  • Orders from USA and all other countries:  $20 US each

Plus Shipping...

Shipping (for up to about 10 reprints):

  • to Canada:  $6 CDN
  • to USA:  $6 US
  • to all other countries:  $8 US

All materials offered for sale are Copyright Walter Muma.



1. Review the paintings (Click Here) and select which ones you would like reprints of.

2. Send an email to Walter Muma with the PAGE NUMBER and TITLE of each reprint that you wish to order.
Please also specify in this email whether you want the prints to be in Glossy or Matte finish.

3. I will reply with a return email telling you the total cost, and giving you an address to which to send your payment (if you're paying by check or money order). Alternatively you may pay using PayPal (see below).

4. Once your payment is received (by mail or PayPal), the reprints will be printed.

6. The prints will be mailed to you in a special rigid & padded envelope.

For more info and to order... email Walter Muma.



ail a check or money order to:

Wildwood Canada
P.O. Box 813
Durham, Ontario   N0G 1R0


Or you can pay online with Paypal

Click the appropriate button for the currency of your choice


Canadian Dollars

US dollars




The material on this page is copyright © by the original author/artist/photographer. This website is created, maintained & copyright © by Walter Muma
Please respect this copyright and ask permission before using or saving any of the content of this page for any purpose

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