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A Graphic Guide to Ontario Mosses

by Robert Muma



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Area covered
Life Cycle of a Haircap Moss
Bryophyte Ecology
Mosses vs. Liverworts
Growth Form Plates
     Acrocarpous Mosses
       1. Long narrow leaves, in ranks about the stem
       2. Long narrow leaves, brush/broom-like
       3. Fan-like 
       4. Tree-shaped
       5. Rope-like
     Pleurocarpous Mosses
       6. Feather/fern-like
       7. Hook/sickle-shaped leaves
       8. Fan-like branches
       9. Tree-shaped
       10. Rope-like
    Sporophyte characteristics
    Some Unique Sporophytes
    Some Unusual and Rare Sporophytes
Moss Habitats 
Generic Names of Ontario Mosses - Their Origin and Meaning
Moss Gardening

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Printed (and much more usable!) copies of
A Graphic Guide to Ontario Mosses
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